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Art Director

As Art Director, you’re given a blank PSD, a team of insanely talented graphic designers, 3D Artists, motion artists and one mission - design some amazing sh*t.

You’re a natural leader and a perfection seeker, inspiring your team to demand the very best of themselves, because you do the same. “Good enough” isn’t welcome here. “How can we make this better?” - that’s more like it.

What will you be doing? Designing the brand identity for the world’s most exciting and innovative tech companies. Whatever, no big deal. You’ll be creating a tech brand from the ground up - crafting websites, animations, videos, presentations, booths, brochures, breathing new life into the most disruptive technologies in the world. Your work will set trends, turn heads, and make noise. And after each and every project, you’ll feel like kind of a big deal.

And how will you do that? You’ll be handed the keys to a new project, plan out your route, and drive the project forward, hitting every checkpoint until you reach the promised land - the land of amazing sh*t. Then you’ll do it again. And again.

You’ll be the fuel in our engine - giving direction, leadership, and guidance to your designers, helping them, and their designs, look absolutely awesome. You will lead from within, not from above, being as much apart of the team as everyone else.

So ya, that’s a lot of work. And if that scares you, this probably isn’t for you. But if you are still reading this, and thinking “umm...hell yes.” … If pushing yourself to deliver excellence in every design, on every project, every single day makes you giddy… If working at the highest level of your craft, for the leading tech branding and marketing agency sends you to your happy place, then you might have what it takes to take on one of the most respected and rewarding positions at Atreo.


  • Acknowledging you always have more to learn.
  • Smile is your default face.
  • Saying yes before saying no.
  • Always finding a solution.
  • Being a good person!
  • A jaw dropping portfolio - graphic design, branding, web design, typography, motion thinking, 3D.
  • At least 3 years of experience.
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About Atreo:

Atreo is the branding and marketing agency for the world’s most exciting tech companies. Our deep understanding of technology combined with industry-leading creative expertise allow us to produce the most visually stunning and strategically effective results for our clients. And it’s why we are known as the Home of Tech Brands.

Atreans (that’s what we like to call ourselves) are many many things. But above all else:

  • We are talented professionals who take tremendous pride in our work.
  • We are passionate, driven individuals with big career goals and a supportive environment that cultivates them.
  • We are kind and modest, knowing that ultimately, we are here to help. And we do that by being warm, welcoming, and understanding of others.
  • We are unique. Everyone at Atreo has permission to be exactly who they are. No matter how far in or out of the box that may be.
  • We are all about friendship. Our workplace is not just where we get stuff done. It’s where we come together as human beings, share our lives with each other, and build something bigger, together.


Say The Words That Sell

Gong uses Conversation Intelligence to help businesses gain critical market intelligence and win more deals


Unlocking the Potential of Every Shelf

Trax computer vision platform helps retailers drive efficiency, effectiveness and revenues


Revolutionizing the Endpoint

Hysolate uses software-defined endpoints to provide unmatched security without compromising user productivity


The BI Powertool

Sisense simplifies complex data preparation and analysis using its powerful business intelligence software


Clarity for OT Networks

Claroty allows engineers, operators, and cybersecurity professionals to protect the most complex industrial networks


Preventing Online Journey Hacking

Namogoo’s platform helps prevent invasive content from online businesses and win back stolen online revenue


Be Analytical
By Nature

NICE Nexidia’s comprehensive analytics framework analyzes customer journeys to boost business metrics


it’s malware

Minerva prevents attacks designed to evade your existing defenses by deceiving malware into disarming itself


Let Your Lawyers Be Lawstars

LawGeex enables legal teams to focus on more impactful legal work through contract review automation


digital one
digital done

Amdocs’ digital enablement platform allows telco’s to offer the full life-cycle of care and commerce services to their customers


Focus on the Attacker, Not the Attack.

Illusive uses Attack Deception Technology to stop targeted and high-impact cyberattacks


Release Fast
or Die

Jfrog’s automated artifact management accelerates the release and distribution of software   


Military-Grade Cyber Security

Sygnia uses digital combat experience
to help organizations excel in the age of cyber

we are atreo.

Atreo is a revolutionary marketing agency specializing exclusively in the hi-tech industry. At Atreo, we believe that technology has to be understood in order to be effectively marketed. That’s why our team is made up of two departments: tech and creative.

Our tech experts come from the higher echelons of tech and speak with clients in their own language. They work hand-in-hand with the best creative and art directors coming from leading advertising and branding agencies.

among our